Germany: An Albanian on the road with a machine gun

POL-K: 201002-5-BAB Mit Selbstladegewehr im Kofferraum unterwegs - Festnahme

In the course of a traffic control on the highway 3, civil investigators seized an unregistered semi-automatic self-loading rifle and several hundred rounds of ammunition (photo above) from a driver of a Mercedes car in the early afternoon of Thursday (October 1). The police arrested the man from Albania. He is to be brought before a magistrate today.According to the latest findings, the highway patrol officers stopped the car at 11:30 a.m. at the Königsforst junction. After a drug test on the 39-year-old was positive as a result, the officers and a drug detection dog searched for drugs in the vehicle. In the process, the police found the gun and ammunition in the trunk of the car in a suitcase camouflaged with clothing. The civil investigators also secured several thousand euros in cash and two smartphones and ordered a blood sample. The origin of the weapon is subject of the still ongoing investigations.

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