BREAKING: Terror alert in Cologne – bomb found in train compartment

Tonight, a cleaner made a shocking discovery in the train depot Cologne-Deutzerfeld: A bomb was placed in the car of a regional train. It is said to have been hidden in a cardboard box.

The dogs of the alarmed federal police then immediately barked at the place where it was found. The box was x-rayed by special forces and the homemade explosive device was finally defused on site by the bomb defusers.

According to the police, it is a so-called “unconventional explosive and incendiary device”, which according to information from the BILD newspaper consisted of a fuse, fireworks, black powder bullets, nails and screws.

According to initial investigations, the ” self-made device” was explosive and could have caused serious injuries to passengers standing around in the compartment due to the splinter effect.The State Office of Criminal Investigation’s Crime Squad is on the scene and securing traces. In addition, all 27 other trains parked there in the depot are searched. According to BILD information, it is still unclear whether this is a failed terrorist attack or a threat or blackmail.

The regional train concerned left Gummersbach for Cologne on Friday. Anyone who has observed anything suspicious should urgently inform the police.

It is still unclear how the perpetrator or perpetrators acted: It could be that the explosive device was only deposited at the terminus in the evening in order to detonate it with great symbolic power the next day, the Day of German Unity.

It is also possible that the bomb was placed on the regional train on Friday and luckily did not explode, so it was only found at night by the cleaning crew.

If it really is a failed terrorist attack, the experts of the State Security consider a right-wing extremist as well as an Islamist background possible. However, the investigations are still in their early stages.

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