Islamism pundit warns: High number of undetected Taliban terrorists in Austria

The inhabitants of the city of Wels are shocked. The suspected Taliban terrorist has been in the country since 2012. At the beginning of the week, the Afghan was finally arrested by the special unit Cobra. In an interview with Irfan Peci, an expert on Islamism, he explains that the danger with the arrest of this single suspected Taliban is far from being averted.Irfan Peci used to be an Islamist himself and knows how seductive the promises made by radical groups can be to young migrants. Today he is a staunch opponent of Islamization. Recently he revealed the connections between the Vienna Migrants Party SÖZ and Erdogan’s AKP. He is certain: the problem is uncontrolled immigration from Islamic countries.

Irfan Peci explains that the arrest of this single Islamist does not eliminate the danger. He suspects that due to immigration there are a large number of Islamists among us. Irfan Peci: “We know that there is a considerable number of Islamists among the so-called refugees. So terror suspects, Islamists and terrorists are increasingly among them. The estimated number of unreported cases must be large. But we cannot measure how many of these Taliban fighters are in our country. These people were checked too little or not at all when they arrived in 2015 and before. We therefore know nothing about these people.”The problem of this uncontrolled immigration of asylum seekers is also evident in the case of the Wels terror Taliban, Peci said. It is “remarkable that the Afghan has been in the country since 2012 and has not been detected”, explains Irfan Peci in conversation. “He was only caught because he was busy on the Internet. He didn’t behave completely conspiratorially, but was conspicuous, carrying out propaganda on the Internet. Peci suspects that if the alleged Taliban had been more restrained, the authorities would still not have been able to catch him.Cases like that of the Taliban in Wels are the most dangerous, because they have already entered the country as ticking time bombs, says Irfan Peci: “He was already a Taliban fighter before. So when he came to the country eight years ago, the Afghan was already highly radicalized and ideologized. He had gained fighting experience and came to Austria. Those are the most dangerous. They are then in the country and can cause a lot of damage here.The Bosnian-born man with a German passport regards the admission of Afghans as problematic in principle. Of course, the number of thwarted attack attempts alone would be sufficient reason not to accept people from countries like Afghanistan. But it is not only Islamism that makes Afghans a problem group: “Especially in Austria, however, Afghans are a large group among the refugees. And they predominantly get negative attention. Because of sexual offences or for example territorial fights with Chechens. In addition, Islamism makes them an additional security risk.The Vice Mayor of Wels, Gerhard Kroiß, is also appalled about the revealed facts: “If the media reports are all quite correct, it is absolutely unacceptable that an asylum procedure in Austria takes eight years. Should the suspect prove guilty, he should be deported, the vice mayor demands: “And not at some point, but immediately! Whoever threatens someone else with violence and death has forfeited his right to remain in Austria.At the latest now the state security is needed to present reliable results of extremist activities in Wels mosques, so that one can take action against them.

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