“Infidel, I will slaughter you”: Long imprisonment for Islamist knife attacker in Austria

At the Innsbruck Regional Court, a suspected Islamist was sentenced to 14 years in prison on suspicion of membership in a terrorist organization and for attempted murder of an acquaintance.

Even though there is disagreement about his exact origin – the newspaper Krone calls him a stateless Palestinian, the newspaper oe24 a Syrian – it is clear: The man, who had already been in Austria since 2005, became more and more radical in Tyrol. This was confirmed by a local woman who had taken him in – in the end he did not even shake her hand. At the turn of the year he then attacked an acquaintance.After being placed with a family in the Außerfern area with stopovers in the Traiskirchen asylum camp and in Vienna, the ” skilled worker” made a living from gardening. And became more and more religious by the way. The accommodation provider tells how he suddenly grew a beard, loaded more and more anti-Israel symbols onto his cell phone. Flags of the terrorist militia “Islamic State” hung in his room. Finally he announced to his hosts: “I do have to hate all enemies of Allah”.He probably saw one of the latter in an Iraqi who was repairing a car in a garage in Höfen (district of Reutte) on New Year’s Day. The two men got into an argument before the presumed stabber threatened to kill his friend on religious grounds. He said: “Infidel! Why do you not pray, why do you drink? I have told you many times – I will slaughter you!” Then he stabbed – and his victim remained unharmed only by skilful defense of the attack.During a raid, the officials then realized how far radicalization had progressed at that time. Because in addition to the flags in his room, the migrant even advertised for the “Islamic State” on the mailbox of his cell phone! He was also in contact with jihadists from Vienna who were wanted by the police.The man himself tried to placate in court: “I am only interested in religions, but I am not a psychopath. The jury did not allow itself to be misled by this and passed a unanimous – but not yet final – sentence: 14 years of imprisonment.Why the Intelligence Service only became aware of the man after the attack remains unclear for the time being.


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