Refugees for only two days in Germany – they have already molested girls

Two girls were sexually harassed by three young men in downtown Bad Arolsen on Wednesday afternoon.

The police officers very quickly succeeded in arresting the three suspected young suspects, aged 17, 18 and 19 years, from the initial reception facility in Mengeringhausen, who are now under investigation for violating Section 184i, which also makes so-called grabbing a criminal offence. The paragraph was only included in the penal code in 2016 following the incidents on New Year’s Eve 2015 on the Domplatte in Cologne.A spokesman for the Korbach police confirmed that the three suspects have been residing in the first reception center of the state of Hesse in Mengeringhausen for only a few days. They are now being investigated by the criminal investigation department.

Mayor Jürgen van der Horst explained that he had already made contact with the Giessen Regional Council. He expects that everything will be done there to prevent such incidents in the future.

On Friday afternoon, the Regional Council informed the Mayor that the three young men had been taken separately to three different initial reception facilities in the state at 4 p.m., under the escort of the police.

The mayor announced that during a follow-up meeting on Monday there will be very intensive discussions on how such attacks can be prevented in the future.

The initial reception facility of the state of Hesse for refugees in Mengeringhausen was officially established as recently as Monday. The buildings, which actually have more than 500 places to sleep, are to be occupied by only 350 people in order to comply with the corona distance rules. One apartment block each is reserved for families with children, for single men and for women with children.

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