Germany: “Allahu-Akbar” yelling Syrian attacks police officers

On Friday afternoon around 3:45 pm, the police were called from the Post Office at the Louisencenter in Bad Homburg. A man had beaten on furnishings and insulted customers. A police patrol of three officers was sent there. When they arrived, they could still find the highly aggressive man, a 34-year-old Syrian living in Bad Homburg, in the Post Office.He immediately attacked the police officers, insulted them and claimed that he wanted to shoot the postal worker with a service weapon of the police officers. During the subsequent arrest he resisted strongly. He kicked and punched at the officers and carried on insulting them severely.Finally, the man was arrested.On the way from the shopping mall to the police car he shouted “Allahu Akbar” several times. In the police car, on the way to the police station, he said that he wanted to kick a female officer in the face and tried to give her a head butt. He did not succeed, however, so that nobody was hurt. Since there were strong indications that the man was under the influence of drugs, a blood sample was taken and criminal proceedings were initiated against him.

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