BLM Maniac Attacks Trump Supporters With Car

Unlike Black Lives Matter rioters, Trump supporters do not make a habit of unlawfully blocking traffic. However, that does not make them safe from BLM terrorists attempting vehicular homicide.

The Blaze reports:

A woman was arrested and charged with attempted murder for driving her car through a crowd of President Donald Trump supporters on Saturday. Two people were hit by the vehicle and suffered “major injuries.”

These include a man getting both legs broken.

There were dueling protests in Yorba Linda, California, on Saturday afternoon between Black Lives Matter supporters and a pro-Trump crowd. There was also reportedly a demonstration by “Caravan for Justice,” a Black Lives Matter-inspired social justice group…

The maniac has been identified as Tatiana Turner, who filed a trademark application for Caravan4Justice and who is the beneficiary of a “Fundraising for Caravan4Justice” GoFundMe campaign.

At around 3 p.m., a white car drove into a crowd of Trump supporters who were gathered at the parking lot of the Yorba Linda Public Library. Shocking video shows the vehicle smashing through people who were waving American flags and wearing pro-Trump paraphernalia.

Comparably shocking is the way Fox11 Los Angeles misreported the event. The headline:Driver arrested after striking two people with her car at Yorba Linda BLM protest

The first paragraph reinforces the false impression that Black Lives Matter was the victim rather than the aggressor:

A 40-year-old Long Beach woman was arrested after police say she drove her car into a crowd of people attending a Black Lives Matter protest in Yorba Linda.

The story does not make clear that Turner is on the BLM side, although it does allow that the guy with the broken legs “might have been a counter-protestor.”

To the extent that there are still decent people supporting Black Lives Matter, it is a testament to the liberal media’s ability to mislead.

Here’s video:

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