2500 people following a large Turkish wedding were quarantined in Hamm, Germany

In the municipality of Hamm, which has the highest number of new corona infections in Germany, the value continues to climb. After a nationwide peak of 94.9 new infections per 100,000 inhabitants within seven days on Wednesday, the figure rose further to 95.5 on Thursday.Lord Mayor Thomas Hunsteger-Petermann (CDU) was very angry: The damage to the city was caused by a single wedding celebration three weeks ago. “We will take recourse here with all the legal possibilities we have,” he stressed in a video message on Monday.”I am angry about this incident. A single family has brought the entire neighborhood into this situation, putting the coexistence of the different ethnic groups at risk,” he also explained in an interview with the daily newspaper “WAZ”.The Corona epidemic there was triggered by a large wedding and other associated celebrations that took place in Hamm and Dortmund in early September and a week later in Werl. At the Turkish large wedding, 46 women celebrated together the evening before at a so-called Henna feast. Later it turned out that two women were already infected with the Corona virus.A total of at least 309 participants from Hamm were present at the large wedding, all of whom had to be quarantined and undergo testing. At least 100 infections were detected after the wedding. As the newspaper “Westfälischer Anzeiger” reports, the proportion of celebration guests and their surroundings in the total number of infected persons is currently around 75 percent. But that’s not all: the newspaper also reports that a total of eleven schools are affected. This means that around 2500 people are now in quarantine, and there are currently 196 infected people in Hamm.”We are in the process of finding out who the people responsible are and investigating how we can hold them accountable,” explained a city spokesperson. This applies above all to the bridal couple and the operator of the location in Hamm. Fines or damages are conceivable. The Lord Mayor made it clear: “It is not acceptable that a small group should subsequently have a significant impact on the life of an entire municipality. In the interview with the newspaper “Bild” he continues: “This outbreak has overpowered us and it also makes me angry. Because at the Henna Feast, the minimum distances were definitely not obeyed.”In an interview with the magazine “Spiegel” he added: “Because a few celebrating people have put aside all decency, distance and even their masks, 180,000 people are now suffering. They have behaved as if Corona did not exist. That must not be.”The Lord Mayor said that a total of 151 people were infected in Hamm, and there could be even more as soon as all suspected cases were cleared up: “And all this because of one single family celebration. Of course I am angry.” The Christian Democratic Union politician strongly reproaches the bridal couple: “We can trace almost all infections back to this. But the worst thing is actually that the said celebration took place three weeks ago. That makes it incredibly difficult to trace.In an interview with the news magazine, Mr. Hunsteger-Petermann describes what all went wrong: “The starting point was probably a hen party, where people danced very closely and also cried tears. Afterwards there was the actual wedding celebration with several hundred guests, during which one likewise did not adhere to distance and hygiene rules”. This made Corona transmissions possible in large numbers, the Lord Mayor continued.Since Wednesday, only five people or people from two households are allowed to stay together in public areas in Hamm to protect against the pandemic. Pupils and teachers in secondary schools must also wear a mouth-and-nose protection during lessons if a minimum distance of 1.50 meters is not ensured. The regulations adopted on Tuesday will initially apply for two weeks. “We were stunned by this outbreak,” says the Lord Mayor of Hamm in the “Bild” interview.In addition the following applies: Private celebrations must be announced two weeks in advance and then also be approved with a certain number of participants. To stem the Corona epidemic in Hamm, the city has already banned three private celebrations, according to the mayor. These are two hen parties and one engagement party. The basis for the prohibition is the provisions of the city’s new general ordinance. The decree imposes a permit requirement for private celebrations with 51 to 150 participants. Celebrations with 25 to 50 participants must be notified.


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