Germany: Muslims insult and threaten a young Israeli woman because she displayed an Israeli flag. Now the police in the Merkel State is going after this courageous woman

Ana Agre, a young Israeli musician, has lived in Germany for some time to work here.

On July 1, 2020 she came across an anti-Israel demonstration near her home, organized by the pro-Palestinian organization Samidoun. She went up to her apartment, fetched an Israel flag and stood with it on the square across which the demonstration procession of young Muslims and their German sympathizers passed. As can be seen on the video, which was taken by a friend, it was not even a particularly large flag, about the size of a kitchen towel.Ana Agre did not make any further statements, did not shout, did not speak (if only because she does not speak German, ” solely” English, Hebrew and Russian), yet the protesters obviously felt attacked by her, perhaps even insulted in their “dignity” – “dignity” is, as you can learn from her website, one of the basic demands of the Arab movement Samidoun. Several of the marching groups approached Ana and addressed her with slogans, including “Nazis get out!” In the minds of these young Muslims and like-minded Germans, an Israeli flag is obviously a Nazi symbol.A Frankfurt policeman approached Ana Agre in English, recorded her personal details and advised her to leave the square because her appearance provoked the young Muslims. Ana apparently engaged in an English discussion with the policeman, which the policeman finally concluded with a sending-off. When she wanted to know why she was not allowed to display her Israel flag here in Frankfurt, the officer replied: “Because I don’t like it.(„Weil mir das nicht gefällt.“)

Ana Agre is thus threatened with ” prosecution”.

Ana finally decided to withdraw, as ordered by the police, and believed that this was the end of the whole thing. Far from it. A few days later, a letter came to her house, a police subpoena from the Frankfurt Criminal Investigation Department for “insulting behavior according to paragraph 185 of the German Criminal Code” for October 7, 2020. The document with the file number ST 0697601/2020, drawn by Chief Police Commissioner J. Schmidt, concludes with the remark: “If you do not appear for your interrogation/hearing or do not name obstacles in time, it will be assumed that you do not want to make any statements to the police. The case will then be handed over to the responsible prosecuting authority (…)”.

Ana Agre is thus threatened with “persecution” because she displayed an Israel flag in Frankfurt on the Main. As a matter of course, the police take the side of the Muslim protesters and their leftist German supporters. What would have happened if not them, but right-wing radicals had shouted at and insulted the young Israeli woman? Then the incident would just as obviously have been classified as “anti-Semitic” and recorded in the statistics of “right-wing radical anti-Semitic crimes”.In Ana’s case, the “anti-Semitism” accusation is dropped (although what has happened could certainly be interpreted in this way: a Jewish woman was insulted as a “Nazi”, an Israel flag was called a Nazi symbol) and the crime is blamed on the Jewish woman. Germany in the year of the Lord 2020 under the rule of Chancellor Angela Merkel.

Autor: Chaim Noll –

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