Germany: UPDATE – Mass brawl and stabbing because of “cultural differences of opinion” – The Arab mob consisted of Syrians, Lebanese and Iraqis

The police broke up a big uproar on Wednesday evening in downtown Iserlohn. One person was stabbed in the back during the argument. In the meantime, the police were faced with 40 people.

According to the police, this was preceded by an argument between six people. The reasons for this are still unclear, but the police suspect that “cultural differences of opinion” may have been a factor. But it did not stop with the people involved at first.When the police became aware of the brawl and moved in with the necessary number of men to clarify the situation, the initial opponents were resolved: there was also a “re-alert” on the side of the brawlers. In total, the police estimate that about 40 people gathered at the Mühlentor, from whom a high potential for conflict originated. The officers were also reinforced.22 officials and two service dogs succeeded in keeping the mob in check. However, it could not be prevented that one person was injured by a small kitchen knife from behind. The stabbing of the back was not life-threatening, but the extent of the injury was still unclear, it was said. The injured person was treated in the clinic in the evening.Four of those involved were provisionally arrested and were taken into custody overnight. However, the police have expressly contradicted some rumors in the social media. The officers know nothing about an allegedly fired shot, only the blocking of the street Kurt Schumacher Ring can be explained: “There was no roadblock, but with such an operation, little consideration is given to the flowing traffic when parking the patrol cars,” they said when asked.Several patrol cars were deployed. Investigations are now underway to find out how the dispute and especially the knife attack came about.


“Apparently, general personal disputes.” Apparently also of a cultural nature, Boronowski adds: Syrians, Lebanese, Iraqis were involved.

A 36-year-old Syrian could be identified as the suspected knife-stabber, and he was provisionally arrested as well as three fellow countrymen (28, 35, 44). The knife attacker was charged with grievous bodily harm, and the other three were taken into custody because they refused to obey the order issued by the police.

The injured Lebanese was taken to hospital, and the Iraqi was able to receive outpatient treatment on site.

Numerous patrol cars were on duty. Investigations are now underway to determine how the escalated dispute could have come about, especially the knife attack.

The four Syrians, who spent the night in police custody, will now be “gradually released” during the course of the day, Dietmar Boronowski concluded the conversation with our editorial staff. All the accused have permanent residences, there are no grounds for detention.

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