Serious arson and vandalism in the historical St. Jürgen chapel in Wolgast, Germany

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Yesterday afternoon, the police in Wolgast were notified of an attempted serious arson attack on the St. Jürgen Chapel (photo) in Breite Straße. In the period from September 16, around 7 p.m., until yesterday, September 23, 2020, 4:30 p.m., unknown perpetrators rioted in the chapel and, according to initial findings, also wanted to set a fire in several places. Fortunately, the flames did not spread to the building. Nevertheless, damage of around 7,600 euros was caused, as windows were smashed and window sills were damaged. In the evening, the Crime Investigation Department was called to the scene of the crime for an investigation and forensics.

The criminal investigation department has begun investigations into serious arson and property damage to this historic building and is now asking the public for information. Who has made unusual observations in the area of the chapel or can provide clues about possible perpetrators? Information can be given to the police in Wolgast by calling 03836-2520, to the internet station of the state police on or to any other police station.

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