Germany: Arab slits the throat of the alleged lover of his wife in the car

A deadly jealousy drama has been on trial at the Oldenburg Regional Court since Tuesday.

Ayman A. (42 years old) and Hassan Taleb A. (36 years old) ran into the car of a hairdresser (31 years old) in Bad Zwischenahn in April when he parked in front of their house. According to the public prosecutor’s office, he wanted to visit his paramour, the wife of the 42-year-old Iraqi.

The perpetrators searched the alleged lover behind the wheel for a cell phone. This was supposed to contain compromising videos of the woman.

While the accomplice was still searching the jacket pockets, the husband of the alleged lover is said to have slit the hairdresser’s throat with a jackknife. He bled to death.

The defendants discovered two cell phones and smashed them immediately. The criminal investigation department is trying to reconstruct the stored data on them. It is unclear whether copies were stored in the cloud or sent to third parties.

The defendants have so far refused to testify in their trial for joint murder. Seven more trial days are scheduled. The verdict is expected in mid-November.,view=amp.bildMobile.html

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