Should a Former British Politician Really Be Determining What Americans Can Say About the Election?

Republicans and Democrats have a fundamental disagreement about the upcoming presidential election.

Republicans believe that it should be determined on Election Day, just as it is every year, while Democrats want to drag it out until their election officials find enough ballots to seal the deal with the Harris-Biden camp. And so they’re talking about Election Week. Or maybe Election Month and Election Year.

This is not how the American political system works.

Nevertheless the media and Big Tech firms are aligned on suppressing Republican statements of victory on Election Day. And Nick Clegg is in charge of Facebook’s response.

Facebook has said it will take aggressive and exceptional measures to “restrict the circulation of content” on its platform if November’s presidential election descends into chaos or violent civic unrest.

Like nationwide riots? A bit late for that isn’t it. And Facebook has taken some Antifa groups down, but it hasn’t touched the third rail of politics, Black Lives Matter.

In an interview with the Financial Times, Nick Clegg, the company’s head of global affairs, said it had drawn up plans for how to handle a range of outcomes, including widespread civic unrest or “the political dilemmas” of having in-person votes counted more rapidly than mail-in ballots, which will play a larger role in this election due to the coronavirus pandemic.

Nick Clegg is a former Liberal Democrat leader in the UK. Should a former British politician really be in charge of determining what Americans can say about the election?

The whole point of a free society, one of those things we fought for so that British politicial officials shouldn’t be determining who leads us and what we can say, is actually debating and discussing elections.

And yet the media and lefty political elites keep warning that the public should not be allowed to discuss certain issues. Like who runs the country.

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