Left-wing Austrian daily newspaper admits: Asylum seekers rape more frequently

The daily newspaper Der Standard caused a stir on Sunday by publishing an article on the over-representation of asylum seekers in sexual crimes. But this time, too, the “central organ of left-wing liberalism” could not do without relativizations. The men from “pre-modern societies” could not help it, women in hot pants would encourage rape.Five years after the refugee crisis, the left-liberal Standard also admits: the rapes have virtually skyrocketed due to the mass influx of young migrants. In 2016 the percentage of asylum seekers among the suspects rose from 5.7 to 14.6 percent. Measured in terms of their proportion of the population, this group of people is undoubtedly overrepresented among sex offenders. Afghans, in particular, are boosting the sad result.As early as 1996 the political scientist Samuel P. Huntington caused controversial discussions with his “Clash of Civilizations”.Now, in the year 2020, the problem of cultural clashes is also making its way into the left-liberal Standard editorial staff. This late insight is thanks to a men’s advisor, a sociologist and a conflict researcher.

The director of the Viennese Men’s Counseling and Psychotherapist, Jonni Brem, made it clear to the Standard: Nothing was exaggerated. On the contrary: “I have experienced many cases that have been ignored in public.
In prisons, at trials and in cooperation with the police, he had read reports of young asylum seekers who had just arrived in the state. In the process, he registered a surge of sexual assaults, which he called “dramatic” in an interview with the newspaper Standard.

The head of the Institute for Conflict Research, Birgitt Haller, also spoke bluntly to the Standard: “Sexual violence has increased – and asylum seekers are massively overrepresented among the suspects.
At the same time, she showed a great deal of understanding for the behavior of the soldiers of fortune who had arrived: Men from “pre-modern societies” would often misinterpret the Western way of life and had no understanding for the equality of women that prevails in the West.Much to the annoyance of some commentators, the conflict researcher noted: “A girl in hot pants often appears to them as an offer to have sex together.

This statement enraged many of the people who had read it. After all, the debate about personal responsibility in women’s choice of clothing in order not to be raped is considered long since overcome.
The argument that a woman was dressed too provocatively and therefore herself was to blame for her subsequent rape or sexual harassment is considered deeply sexist.


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