Majority of ‘refugee’ workers in Germany are elderly women

The majority of “refugee” workers in Germany are women a study by the Social Science Institute of the Evangelical Church showed. And it was primarily those over 70 who provided concrete help in the form of German lessons or visits to the authorities.

The migrant aid workers have an above-average level of education and assess their own economic situation as largely positive. According to the representative survey, they also have more confidence in democracy and politically tend towards the CDU, SPD or the Greens.

However, those who advocate limited immigration are also well educated and have a good economic situation according to their own statements, project manager Maria Sinnemann told the epd news agency, during the presentation of the first results of the study “Civil Society Engagement”.

This means that it is not the losers of society who are committed against mass immigration. In addition, it is not a purely East German phenomenon either.

In contrast, the two groups differ in terms of religious affiliation and the type of engagement. While supporters of migrants are more religious and get involved in church parishes or non-profit associations, while immigration opponents tended to be politically active and voted for the AfD or the Union parties.

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