Germany: Syrian harasses blind woman on the platform

A 21-year-old Syrian from Essen is said to have molested a blind woman at the main train station in Bochum early last Saturday morning. Federal police took the man, who was intoxicated and presumably under the influence of drugs, in custody.

At about 6 a.m., federal police officers were called to a platform in Bochum’s main train station. According to witnesses, the man from Essen allegedly molested a 30-year-old blind woman there. When federal police officers arrived on the platform, the 21-year-old was just about to argue loudly with other people who had become aware of the situation.According to the woman from Bochum, the 21-year-old is said not to have committed any assault against her. Therefore, the man from Essen was ordered to leave the main train station. Despite repeated requests, the 21-year-old vehemently refused to leave the location. Therefore he was to be taken out of the station. The man resisted, whereupon he was overpowered and taken to the police station.There, after consulting with the judiciary, a blood sample was taken from him and he was later taken into police custody. The federal police started criminal proceedings against the Syrian citizen, who was already known to the police, for resisting enforcement officers.The 30-year-old from Bochum initially stayed at the Federal Police station and was later picked up there by an employee of her residential facility.

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