Berlin Senate to introduce a law that only left-wing extremists and Islamists will have the right to rally

The Red-Red-Green government coalition in Berlin has presented a draft law which, among other things, should facilitate a ban on “racist” demonstrations. Islamists or left-wing radicals, however, are not affected by this “freedom of assembly” law.

According to the newspaper Welt, a rally can be quickly banned if it is considered to be ” suitable or intended to encourage a readiness to use violence”, “in its overall character, it is linked to the rites and symbols of National Socialist tyranny” and thus “has an intimidating effect or offends in a significant way against the moral sensibilities of citizens and fundamental social or ethical views”.They refer to the anti-sedition laws of the penal code – as well as to a Karlsruhe judgement of 2004, but it almost seems as if Red-Red-Green had not read this judgement too closely. Because: At that time it was decided that an NPD demonstration may not be forbidden simply because the expressed opinions contradict dominant social or ethical views.In a democracy, who should also determine what “fundamental social and ethical views” should be? The fact that leftists always and everywhere suspect hate crimes should have been known for a long time – one recalls the politically incorrect “blackfacing” at the nativity play or terrified renaming of pharmacies, food sauces and snacks.As soon as a government determines for which issues it is allowed to demonstrate and for which not, there can be no more talk of democracy. Already the attempt to ban the large-scale rally against the Corona measures in Berlin showed that all means are justified to suppress unwelcome opinions and critical voices.

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