Murder for greed or Islamist motives ? The trial of Ali H. in Berlin, Germany

On Monday, the trial for murder out of greed and intent to conceal began at the regional court in Berlin. Ali H. is said to have brutally killed Homa Z. and her daughter (9 years old) – because of greed?

Mother and daughter were brutally killed on February 29th in their apartment in the street Wörlitzer Straße (district of Marzahn).The perpetrator is said to have expected to find money in the apartment.

Almost a month later the police arrested the neighbor Ali H. (32 years old) from the 4th floor: According to the prosecutor the DNA of the car mechanic on the scarf and a skin scale under a fingernail of Homa Z. had been found.

The father of three denies the crime. After the crime he even appeared as a helpful neighbor! He called the locksmith for the worried husband and father Ahmad Z., who opened the door to the scene of the crime.

The defense lawyers consider Ali H. innocent: “20,000 euros were found in a cassette. On the floor next to a bag, 2 five-euro banknotes. It is unlikely that the perpetrator overlooked the money.” He also left a tablet there.

The circumstances in which the dead were found indicate that the perpetrator had committed a punitive action. Their bodies were not openly displayed, but covered with blankets. In addition a prayer chain, which gives the impression of an Islamic funeral, so the defenders.It is also possible that Tajala was killed in front of her mother to cause her extraordinary pain. The prosecution assumes that the child became aware of the mother’s death cries and the accused killed her as a witness.

The special brutality of the act “points to a great anger, a hatred. The accused has no motive to hate like that. There was no quarrel between the families,” argue the defense lawyers. The DNA of their client at the crime scene could have been transferred by a third party.

Another surprising thesis of the lawyers: “There is some evidence that there were at least two perpetrators. With two knives.” One murder weapon was never found.

The defense attorneys expect an acquittal. To be continued on Friday.

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