Germany: Somali Islamist trains with explosive belt – no problem for the authorities

While the “people’s representatives of the ruling parties” surpass each other with new numbers of firebombing ” asylum seekers” from Lesvos, Samos and other EU reception facilities, thus giving in to the concerted blackmail by NGOs, the multi-billion-dollar asylum industry and criminals, the German “security authorities” in this particular case prove to be rather powerless or incompetent: For quite some time now, a Somali – a trained member of the terrorist organization “Al Shabaab” and, according to his own statements, very familiar with the production of explosive belts – has been living in the 24,000-inhabitant town of Döbeln in Central Saxony, well cared for.The Somali Omar was instructed as a suicide bomber at the age of 14. He came to Germany at 16 and has been residing in the paradise for terrorists in Germoney for three years. The now 19-year-old came to Saxony in August 2017 and currently resides in an asylum center in Döbeln. On April 10, 2018, at a hearing by the Federal Office for Migration and Refugees (BAMF), he stated that in 2015 – at the age of 14 – he was trained in the Somali training camp “Al Shabaab” – “in handling explosive belts in order to commit an assassination attempt,” explains a spokesman for the Attorney General’s Office in Dresden.Not until April 2020 – two years later – did the State Office of Criminal Investigation intervene for the sake of good order, even though the Islamic militia “Al-Shabab” had committed hundreds of brutal attacks and murders in East Africa since 2006.The curious, but for the German asylum policy typical situation became public by a small inquiry of the Saxon AfD member of parliament Dr. Rolf Weigand. The German security authorities apparently consider the terror ” refugee”, who is a believer in explosives, to be quite “harmless”. In July, the proceedings were handed over by the Federal Prosecutor General to the Prosecutor General of Saxony on the grounds of “minor importance”.

In his answer to Weigand’s minor inquiry (printed matter 7/3553), the Saxon Minister of the Interior Roland Wöller, Christian Democratic Union (CDU), had to admit that suspected IS terrorists had been imported unhindered to Central Saxony since 2015 and are now living well in Freiberg and Döbeln and unhindered by German justice. In addition to an already known case from July 2020, Wöller also admitted that there are other terror suspects in Central Saxony who have been trained in an IS training camp.

Weigand is putting his finger deeper into an open relocation industry wound:

“It worries me that in the district of Central Saxony alone, several presumed supporters of the terrorist organization of the Islamic State live in Freiberg and Döbeln. Please note: These are only the known cases. Much more problematic, on the other hand, are those sleepers who, thanks to open borders, have been able to immigrate to Germany and are now waiting for the right moment for an attack without being targeted by the security authorities. Is that what you call Freiberg for Everybody? I do not want something like that.

Since 2015, the AfD has repeatedly warned that the lack of border controls makes it easy for terrorists to enter the country. According to media reports, this fear was also confirmed by the German Federal Intelligence Service. The former CDU Minister of the Interior, Thomas de Maizière, claimed at the time that there were no indications of terrorists among the ‘refugees’.

The case of Djaber al-Bakr in the fall of 2016 already proved the opposite. The Syrian living in Chemnitz had already begun preparations for a major attack. This danger can only be prevented with the utmost vigilance.

It is therefore alarming that the Syrian IS supporter I inquired about was able to enter unhindered in 2015 and was granted refugee status shortly afterwards. Apparently all control mechanisms failed here. Such persons are immediately stripped of their refugee status. Terrorists must not be granted protection and must be deported immediately.

As always, the German cover-up media are keeping a low profile. Only the tabloid BILD and the newspaper Leipziger Volkszeitung report “regionally”. Behind the paywall of course. It could “unsettle” the oppressed taxpayers in Germany.

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