Social Democratic Party politicians come in and out of extremist mosque in Vienna, Austria

Screenshot: FPÖ-TV

Anti-Semitism, hostility to democracy and the constitution, calls for armed struggle. It is a broad agenda of Islamism that is voiced in sermons at the Baitul Mamur Masjid Mosque in Vienna. FPÖ-TV proved this on Monday with extensive research. These circumstances become particularly controversial because high-ranking Social Democratic Party (SPÖ) politicians are supposed to come in and out of this mosque:Especially Omar Al-Rawi, member of the SPÖ state parliament, who is said by critics to be a member of the Muslim Brotherhood, but also the SPÖ district leader of Favoriten, Marcus Franz.” It shows the love of Allah by sacrificing one’s life (in battle) for him. Such and other sermon contents have been taught in the Favoriten Mosque so far. SPÖ district leader Marcus Franz is especially proud to have supported this mosque “since the beginning”. Apart from the extremism, it is striking that the SPÖ guidelines regarding equal rights and promotion of women seem to be completely irrelevant in this milieu.In another sermon, it is said in German language that Jews “go to hell” at their death because they have not accepted Islam. Islamism expert Irfan Peci considers this statement to be clearly anti-Semitic. He explains that in this mosque it is taught that everyone who does not belong to Islam goes to hell. Especially this anti-Semitism does not surprise him, since the Imam also took part in an anti-Israel rally.In this context, Peci also raises the question of whether public money was or is still being spent on the construction and running of this mosque. It seems obvious, because according to Peci and FPÖ-TV, especially the SPÖ district leader Marcus Franz is always coming in and out of this mosque, giving speeches or taking part in celebrations. This is proven by photo and footage.In the mosque, various people recite that the Koran is above all the laws of mankind. Apparently this is also preached to young people who propagate it unreflectively among their fellow believers. According to Peci, such principles clearly contradict a basic democratic order. The preachers of the mosque showed themselves in photos again and again with radical Salafists.

Pic: Slaughter of animals in the presence of the imam of the mosque.

SPÖ district leader Marcus Franz stressed in a speech in the mosque how much he likes to get to know new food and spices. For this purpose he considers favorites to be a paradise. FPÖ-TV showed on the basis of video material how some food is prepared in the presence of the imam of the mosque.”I may die for Allah.” “This is love.” Further shocking sermon contents, which can be seen and heard on the videos researched by FPÖ-TV. The point is that the Muslims will triumph over the unbelievers. Peci points out that the majority society in Austria is not yet Muslim. These people would be meant by “the unbelievers”. The Koran verses quoted are clearly about violence, about jihad: about killing and being killed in the name of Allah.

Screenshot: Young men proclaim that Allah’s laws are to be implemented.

It is expected that the SPÖ will distance itself as in comparable scandals and again nobody seems to have known what is preached there. However, the video evidence shows that the problematic contents are by all means also presented in German. Therefore, it can be assumed that the SPÖ has election tactics in mind, which is why they make the SPÖ common with such mosques and their preachers.

Screenshot: The imam of the mosque shows up with well-known Salafist extremists.

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