Berlin city council accuses immigrants of social fraud

The City Councilor for Social Affairs in the Berlin district of Tempelhof-Schöneberg, Matthias Steuckardt (CDU), has accused migrants who live there in a homeless shelter of social fraud. He himself observed how residents drove up to the shelter in luxury cars.

“That annoys me because black sheep are exploiting our rule of law to the detriment of those who really need help,” he told local radio station Rundfunk Berlin-Brandenburg (RBB).

According to the broadcaster, there is a second accommodation in which similar reports have surfaced. “I have observed that new cars are constantly driving up, 7 Series BMW, 5 Series BMW, Porsche. The people come from Romania,” said one of them. The men who drove the luxury cars have keys to the homeless shelter. Other residents also observed “business activity, including drugs”.

The migrants with the expensive cars are only there in summer, a sort of “homeless tourism”. According to the RBB, there are photos that go back to 2017 and testify to this.

The broadcaster also spoke to an insider from the industry who knows the “system” well. In his opinion, these people are not needy. “Some pay the home up to 600 euros to be admitted and thus registered. With a registration, there are also social benefits, Hartz IV and child benefits,” he said.

The RBB reported that a Romanian with an expensive station wagon was spotted in front of the homeless shelter. He confirmed that he lived there. The caretaker testified that the owner of a BMW also lived in the home and that he “couldn’t understand that”.

Steuckardt complained that his office could do little about the apparent fraudulent exploitation of social benefits, as it could not, for example, investigate the assets of Romanian EU citizens.

Homeless people in Germany are housed according to the so-called General Security and Order Act (ASOG). The social welfare office is normally only active when “the life and limb of the homeless are at risk”.

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