A Tunisian stabs Catholic priest to death in the Piazza San Rocco in Como, Italy

A 51-year-old priest, Don Roberto Malgesini, was stabbed to death this morning in Piazza San Rocco, Como.

The attack took place shortly after 7 o’clock due to a quarrel in the street: the man was found lying on the ground, with several stab wounds, in the climb leading to the church, near his house.Aid was useless: the doctors could only ascertain his death. The perpetrator of the crime constituted himself to the Carabinieri: he would be a homeless man of Tunisian origin with mental problems. It was learned from the diocese of Como. Bishop Oscar Cantoni arrived at the scene of the murder, where there is also the replaced prosecutor Massimo Astori. The motive is not yet known. All the useful elements are being examined, not least any video footage of the area. Don Malgesini, from Valtellina, was known in the city for his commitment in favor of migrants. It belonged to the parish of San Bartolomeo. He brought breakfasts to the homeless, served the canteen, the dormitory, had deep relationships with many of them. The district of San Rocco, at the entrance to the Como valley, with many old houses, has long been inhabited mainly by immigrants.

rainews / https://www.tichyseinblick.de/kolumnen/aus-aller-welt/wohltaetiger-priester-von-einem-migranten-in-como-erstochen/

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