Germany: 20 armed members of extended migrant families invade a house and attack the residents

After an attack on residents of a house in Wiesloch (Rhine-Neckar district) with two injured people, the police suspect the motive to be a quarrel between two extended families with migration background.

A police spokesman stated this on Saturday. There were still no arrests. A search had remained unsuccessful.

In Thursday’s incident, witnesses reported that at least 20 armed people had entered the house and allegedly attacked the residents.

The 63-year-old father suffered a stab wound in the back, the 61-year-old mother a head laceration, the police reported.

Previously, the 13-year-old son of the two had been attacked by six to seven still unknown perpetrators in a clash between two youth groups, according to the police.With his companions he was pursued by the attackers to his parents’ house and beaten up again.The attackers fled; later, however, a group partly armed with sticks, baseball bats and knives appeared in front of the family home and forced their way in.

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