After riots by Kurds at the train station in Bardowick, the Kurds also rioted in Hamburg, Germany

On Thursday they were caught fare dodging the METRONOM train and then violently assaulted the police. The day after they demonstrated for the release of PKK leader Abdullah Ocalan (72 years old). Again there were riots!

Numerous activists of a Kurdish youth movement, who had attacked police officers at Bardowick station in Lower Saxony on Thursday morning, also caused a stir on Friday. This time in Hamburg! In the Hanseatic city, the Kurdish youth movement continued its march for the release of PKK founder Abdullah Öcalan – from Hanover to Hamburg. The Kurdish Workers Party PKK is classified as a terrorist organization in the EU and banned in Germany.

With their protest march, the approximately 100 demonstrators wanted to march from Hamburg district of Harburg to the St. Pauli Landungsbrücken and arrive there in the evening hours. But already in the district Wilhelmsburg there were first riots.

In the street Wilhelm-Strauß-Weg, a cameraman who was shooting pictures of the demonstrators was harassed and mobbed. When other journalists joined the demonstration, they were also attacked.In addition, a motorist was attacked by two demonstrators because he had honked to pass the march.The protest march was escorted by a large contingent of police. A police helicopter also flew over the scene.

Already on Thursday morning about 80 activists of a Kurdish youth movement had caused riots at the Lower Saxony train station Bardowick (district Lüneburg, see tweet above)), when they were travelling in the Metronom from Lüneburg in Lower Saxony towards Hamburg without a valid ticket.

When the train conductor wanted to check the tickets, she was massively mobbed and harassed. There were riots. The train then came to a halt in Bardowick.More than 200 federal police officers and other officers of the state police were deployed. When the officers intervened at the station, the situation escalated. Several of the youths resisted. Some officers were slightly injured by kicks and blows, the spokeswoman said. The officers then used pepper spray.

The more than 80 people who participated in the incident are expected to face criminal proceedings for obtaining benefits by fraud. In addition, the officials initiated several criminal proceedings for assault and resistance to law enforcement officers.

The examination of the personal data revealed that about a dozen of the travelers are apparently staying in Germany without permission. The Kurdish youth movement is said to have held several demonstrations in Hanover and in the districts of Celle, Uelzen, Lüneburg and Harburg since September 5.

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