Germany: Four days until the local elections in North Rhine-Westphalia – Muslim party accused of buying votes

Only four days left until the local elections in North Rhine-Westphalia. But now a grave suspicion is causing consternation in the Ruhr area: Selgün Calisir, candidate from Duisburg, is said to have bought votes! The case is now even attracting the attention of the public prosecutor’s office in Duisburg.

In the district of Marxloh one knows Selgün Calisir (Turkish spelling: Çalışır; note). The candidate for the union of the migrant parties “Alliance for Innovation and Justice” (short BIG) and DERGAH is a businessman for decades, runs a wage tax and travel agency.

Now an audio recording is on the Internet, in which the man with a Turkish migration background is supposed to hold a conversation.

In it one hears how he is supposed to offer a man money for postal votes in Turkish. Therein one says: “There is no upper limit. You told me that you wanted to bring 4000. I told you that I would give 10,000. For 2000 I will give you 5000. If you find 5000, you get 12 500. I want to change certain things in Marxloh. Money is not important. It’s an open and clear offer.”

Explosive: According to its own description, the BIG party sees itself as a representative of the interests of migrants, especially Muslims. BUT: For years it has been accused of being an offshoot of the Erdogan Party AKP in Germany – this is indicated by some connections of party functionaries, who however vehemently resist the accusation. But where Calisir gets the money to finance his election remains questionable.

The talk is allegedly of votes to be cast by postal vote. According to an insider, Calisir is talking to a man from Eastern Europe, who is supposed to mobilize his fellow countrymen who are eligible to vote for Calisir.

According to the public prosecutor’s office, there have even been searches in connection with the video. The suspicion: election fraud! On Wednesday morning, Selgün Calisir’s business and residential premises are said to have already been searched.Duisburg public prosecutor’s office: “Extensive evidence was seized during the search. This includes a high double-digit number of election documents, which must now be evaluated. These documents must also be checked for forgery characteristics”. The election administration has already been informed.

A further accused who is running for a second party in the election is also being investigated.

And what does the municipal authorities say? A spokeswoman: “We were informed by the police this morning that investigations into election fraud have been initiated. We are in close contact with the investigating authorities and are supporting them in this.”

Selgün Calisir could not be reached for a statement. The BIG party announced a press conference for Thursday.

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