German professional footballers fell victim to the GDR State Security (Stasi)

There is, for example, the enigmatic traffic accident of the former GDR soccer player Lutz Eigendorf (photo above) in 1983. Four years earlier, he had not returned to the GDR after playing in the Federal Republic. He was a passionate driver, his driving style risky, noted the spies of the Stasi in the west. Shortly before his traffic accident, the Stasi stopped his driving time and the exact route of his daily route from the stadium to his home.
Two years ago, new information appeared on the course of the accident. Was Eigendorf deliberately blinded? In the poison files of the Stasi it says:. Flash, Eigendorf .. Had Eigendorf secretly been given a pupil dilating agent?
The Berlin public prosecutor’s office cannot answer any questions about this since an autopsy has not been ordered, even after the new Stasi documents have appeared.

Jörg Berger (photo above), football coach Alemannia Aachen:
Everything is said here!
The Stasi knew that Berger was afraid of a possible contract murder to keep other footballers from fleeing:
.BERGER allegedly stated (…) that he should not fare as EIGENDORF ..
The Stasi believed that Berger was the mastermind behind the flight of several footballers from the Republic. When Berger was on the move to the 1st Bundesliga as a coach in the mid-1980s and the GDR athletes Falko Götz and Dirk Schlegel set off for West Germany, Berger seemed to be intolerable for the GDR.
In the operative process “Ball” was operationally worked out that BERGER had a significant part in the betrayal of GÖTZ and SCHLEGEL ..
Jörg Berger, football coach: It can also be seen in these statements that they wanted to incapacitate me or that I wanted to be put out of work in the direction that I no longer work as a coach, so that I might no longer be influenced by players or maybe even by coaches to have..
In 1986 Berger suffered from mysterious symptoms of paralysis. The attempt at explanation back then: a virus infection. On behalf of TV report AUS MÜNCHEN, the legal doctor Prof. Wolfgang Eisenmenger analyzed medical files against the background of Toxdat Berger. Now it seems certain: Berger was poisoned.
Prof. Wolfgang Eisenmenger, Inner City Clinic of the University of Munich, Institute of Forensic Medicine:
If one critically evaluates the laboratory chemical findings from the hospital, one has to say that in retrospect there is nothing to suggest that the virus has gone through. Since the heavy metal poisoning has not been specifically investigated, it cannot be ruled out based on laboratory findings. (…) Coming. if you appreciate the clinical picture. especially heavy metals from the group of lead compounds and arsenic compounds.
Instructions to disguise arsenic poisoning. again delivers the GDR toxdat toxicity study.
Earlier Stasi employees also wanted to switch it off, believes Hartmut Büttner from Hanover. In 1995 he had a mysterious car accident that almost cost him his life. After reunification, the MP had researched the backers of the .Toxdat. Study and worked very hard for the Gauck authorities to disclose the Stasi files.
Hartmut Büttner, CDU member of the Bundestag in 1991:
I think it is scandalous that the old socialist, who was cheating with the champagne glass, has completely displaced the inmates of Bautzen.
When Büttner ´95 crashed on a straight, dust-dry road, no filigree inspection of the car takes place. The police release the scrap car while he is in a coma. A forwarding company hastily pays six times its value. Buttner was informed:
Hartmut Büttner, CDU member of the Bundestag: “This car has indeed been sent abroad. In this case to Poland. And in Poland this car was reported stolen after a week.
Many accidents and illnesses of former GDR system critics still do not seem to be resolved.

The fuction of the GDR “Reisekader” (cadres approved by the state for travel were allowed to go)

The “cadres approved by the state for travel were allowed to go” (Reisekader) were a privileged minority that was characterized by a special political loyalty to the SED state. Nevertheless, the ” system of Reisekader” was an instrument that helped control and discipline the entire scientific and economic elite in the GDR and brought the circle of beneficiaries into a state of dependence.It is assumed that these cadres were also involved in the planning and execution of murders of refugees from the GDR as well as GDR critics.

Was Angela Merkel a “Reisekader” ?

Angela Merkel is also accused of various trips abroad. In 1974 she participated in an exchange with physics students in Moscow and Leningrad. In addition, she completed a Russian course in Donetsk and a research stay of several months in Prague. It is also known that she traveled illegally to the south of the Soviet Union in 1983, was discovered during this trip and remained without any trouble after her return. In 1986 and 1989 she was also allowed to travel privately to the Federal Republic of Germany for several days. Finally she was in Poland several times. Are these indications of IM (Stasi, Ed.) activity? […]

During her last return trip, on August 12, 1981, unexpected problems occurred at the border. During an inspection by the GDR customs authorities, they found a Solidarność magazine in Angela Merkel’s pocket between two books and a badge of the independent trade union in her wallet. The customs officers also found two photos of a Solidarność monument in Gdynia. All these objects were confiscated. But while the Stasi brutally investigated the import of such materials in other cases, Merkel was allowed to continue her journey home unhindered. On the Internet, this is the cause for far-reaching suspicions.

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