German left-wing politicians justify violence in Leipzig

German President Frank-Walter Steinmeier has not yet condemned the left-wing extremist excesses of violence in Leipzig in which police officers were injured in battles against the “autonomist” Antifa sympathizers. And he is not the only politician supporting the extremists.

It has become crystal clear what is important to Steinmeier: During the recent so-called “the storming of the Reichstag” on September 29 – with no damage, no injuries, no criminal offenses – the occupant in Bellevue Palace saw the “heart of democracy” threatened.

On that day, hundreds of anti-Corona-lockdown activists, some waving the black, white and red flag of the pre-1918 German Empire, broke through a police barrier and tried to force their way into the seat of the German government during a protest.

It has become clear that the country’s current leaders have long considered such virtues as honesty and character superfluous.

During the evacuation of an occupied house in Leipzig last week and the subsequent protests and riots, the Twitter account of the member of the state parliament and city councilor Juliane Nagel, has been edifying. The left-wing politician constantly shared information, assessments and appeals about the riots in the Connewitz district and in the Oststadt over the past few days.

In fact, Nagel’s account was a hub for the radical left-wing Twitter network. She not only retweeted entries from left-wing radical accounts, she also played down crimes and violence: “I am happy about the social practice of squatting in Leipzig. It’s about affordable rents, freedom and resistance to speculative vacancies,” she wrote on Friday.

When a Leipzig member of the Bundestag for the Greens pointed out that violence was not a solution, Nagel replied: “Where should the justified anger about the lack of fundamental changes go?”

This “justified anger” was directed at police officers in the form of bottles and stones on Friday evening. The result: eight police officers injured and several vehicles destroyed, including six police cars.

Nagel also parroted fashionable BLM slogans in broken, faulty English: “Connewitzer Kreuz is save [sic] space for everyone who needs it,” wrote Nagel the next day. Police officers were apparently not included in her definition of “everyone”.

Nagel is directly linked to the radical left scene. Two years ago, her office premises were searched during an investigation into the G20 riots in Hamburg. The police found a “wanted poster” in the style of the RAF on which politicians and several police officers were depicted as terrorists.

In July she caused a sensation with the demand that the city of Leipzig promote graffiti that is hostile to the police. After the brutal attacks by left-wing extremists on police officers on New Year’s Eve 2020, she blamed the officers and not the perpetrators.

The Green City Councilor Jürgen Kasek was similarly active on Twitter. On Friday he spread the squatter’s appeal and on Saturday evening around 500 left-wing radicals battled with the police.

Saxony’s Interior Minister Roland Wöller (CDU) admitted to public broadcaster ZDF that “left-wing extremism has become entrenched in Leipzig – that is a problem”. There have already been repeated attacks on the police, AfD, construction and real estate companies.

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