Refugee policy spokeswoman for the German Green Party does not want to talk about misogyny among Muslims

In an interview, Bettina Jarasch, spokeswoman for refugee and religious policy of the Berlin Green Party, tried to square the circle: she did not want to deviate at any price from her Islamophilic, unrealistically ideologized view of refugees – and tried to avoid the accusations of two Green party members who had criticized the misogynistic world view of many immigrants and blamed her Green party of ignorance in this regard.

Jarasch, a do-gooder through and through and, in a way, the cliché of a Green advocate of Islam, seems like a caricature of herself. Who doubts whether there are really people who deny the problems caused by political Islam and the backward state of society in traditionalist countries of origin of many refugees coming to this country: With this Green person they will learn the opposite. Under the motto that “nothing can happen that is not allowed to happen”, Jarasch closes her eyes to any unpleasant confrontation with reality – and practises whataboutism of the most embarrassing kind.Confronted with concrete cases of sexual and domestic violence against women in immigrant families, their chauvinistic upbringing and the macho culture that is particularly prevalent in Arab culture, Jarasch had used phrases such as “Muslims should never be condemned in general” in the newspaper interview in question, published in the “Tagesspiegel” (TS).And she countered the argument that many refugees came from cultures in which “women are considered to be of subordinate importance” by saying that in Germany, too, “patriarchy has not yet been completely overcome” and that “in this matter German men are not blameless.Such arguments show blindness at its highest, in a clearly pathological form.In response to the TS interview with the unconvincable Jarasch, the sparks apparently flew in the party.

Fewer and fewer Greens are apparently willing to accept the denial of reality by hard-line ideologues in their own ranks. Walter Otte, chairman of the group of the “Secular Greens” (a green “fringe group” that takes a relatively critical stance towards Islam), explained to the TS: “There are clear problems due to an upbringing background, there is a cultural macho culture, you have to deal with that. If these problems are not clearly mentioned, the AfD will be given a point of attack. One should not try to dismiss the problem.Likewise, Otto’s predecessor at the party group, the Green Party member Jürgen Roth, sharply attacked Jarasch: “Such an uncritical approach – also of orthodox-reactionary excesses – will almost inevitably result in the conclusion that we are dealing exclusively with a growing conflict between Islam and the majority society”. There is no point in suppressing everything unpleasant in order to justify the false conclusion that nothing has anything to do with Islam.

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