Germany: Migrants kick and stab a man because he refused to shake their hands

At the start of a trial on the charges of a life-threatening attack on a passenger on a platform in Neu-Anspach ( Hochtaunus district), the defendants did not comment on the allegations. This would possibly happen during the course of the trial, the lawyers of the three men said on Friday during the hearing at the Frankfurt Regional Court.A 24-year-old Syrian and a 23-year-old Afghan are charged with, among other things, attempted manslaughter, and an 18-year-old German with a migration background is accused of dangerous bodily harm. The wife of the presumed victim, who was present at the station during the crime in November 2019, recognized the men.The 24-year-old woman from Neu-Anspach said that the Syrian had held a blank gun to her husband’s face and threatened to shoot him. According to the prosecution, he is also said to have stabbed the man four times in the back with a knife. The 18-year-old is said to have beaten him, tore him to the ground and held him there. The Afghan is said to have used this situation to kick the 25-year-old in the face with full force. “Just like kicking a ball,” the woman said. She had been plagued by nightmares since the crime.The man from Afghanistan is said to have started the fight because he demanded a handshake from the man when he got off the Taunusbahn and the man refused. The victim was brought to a hospital after the attack, seriously injured. The trial will continue into October.

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