WATCH: After a mass brawl between Syrian extended families, the inhabitants of a small German town are horrified

A dispute between two families escalated on Monday evening in Kirn. Now the authorities want to mediate between the conflict parties to prevent further fights.This is the result of a crisis meeting on Friday, which was attended by the police, representatives of the municipal association, the municipality, the department of public order, refugee assistance and District Administrator Bettina Dickes ( Christian Democratic Union). According to the mayor of the Kirner Land municipality, Thomas Jung (independent), talks with the two Syrian families in dispute are planned. They live only a few hundred meters away from each other, and the children attend the same school. In order to de-escalate here, concrete ideas have been developed, but these will first be discussed with the families, said Jung.According to the police, 20 people beat each other with wooden and iron bars in the street on Monday evening. Stone slabs had also been thrown. The police was on duty with a large contingent. Initial investigations revealed that there was a dispute between the families.In Kirn the uncertainty is large, said mayor Frank Ensminger ( Liberals) in the run-up to the discussion. It could not be accepted that such a quarrel escalates in such a way and on the road is fought out. According to own statements the police has clearly increased its presence in the city and beside increased patrols and service dog handlers also civilian forces in the employment.

A brawl on such a massive scale is a new phenomenon in Kirn, an official said on Tuesday morning. There had never been anything like it before. Now the investigation is continuing and witnesses as well as participants are being questioned. For this purpose, the criminal investigation department of Bad Kreuznach has set up an investigation team.

Persons who have observed something are to report by calling 06752-1560.

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