Italian town explodes with anger over migrant Covid-19 cases

Twenty-five migrants who live in reception centers in Cosenza, a province in Calabria, have tested positive for the Coronavirus. It has pushed at least 3 000 citizens over the edge and protests are taking place in the streets.

Cosenza is witnessing a mobilization by its inhabitants against the new influx of migrants. Spontaneous demonstrations took place after the emergence of the news of the infected migrants.

Moreover, a regional bulletin has exposed the situation with extreme clarity: “The cases intercepted in Cosenza are in total twenty-nine; twenty-three are attributable to the reception center for migrants in Amantea, four are from the reception center in Rende and one it is the contact tracing of a subject residing outside the region. The remaining case is a native subject,” according to authorities.

News agency Adnkronos reported that 23 more cases were noted concerning the same province. People took to the streets, signaling the unsustainability of this situation, which is irremediably linked to the management of migratory phenomena and its consequences in times of a pandemic.

One place in question – the one affected by most infections – is the Ninfa Marina center: migrants who were welcomed during this lock-down period live there. Among these people, there are those who have contracted Covid-19, including asymptomatic cases. Medical investigations had revealed three such cases.

For obvious reasons related to the high probability that the virus had spread within the same context, citizens are angry. In the town Amantea, demonstrators protested on the state 18, which is also located in the Calabrian province.

Furthermore, in Calabria it is not the first time that anti-migrant protests have occurred. The feeling is that Southern Italy is experiencing atypical problems. Those who protest are demanding two measures: the displacement of migrants to other structures and the closure of the structures appointed to host migrants.

Over the past twenty-four hours, Calabria recorded a total of 32 new positive cases. And two thirds are migrants from the Ninfa Marina center.

To make matters worse, a young Nigerian, who lived at the Cas di Amantea, fled yesterday, despite testing positive for the new Coronavirus, only to be tracked down shortly after by the police.

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