Germany: An Afghan on a train carrying forbidden weapons

BPOL NRW: Ausstieg verweigert-Festnahme durch Bundespolizei
These weapons were confiscated by the Federal Police, Photo: Federal Police Directorate Sankt Augustin

Yesterday, Wednesday evening, a train attendant of a regional express called the federal police. One passenger refused to leave the train. He also did not comply with the request of the police officers and had to be brought to the station under duress.

In Aachen, a 34-year-old man boarded the Regional Express 1 to Cologne. When a German Railroad company train attendant in Langerwehe noticed that he did not have a valid ticket, he asked him to leave the train. However, the passenger ignored the employee’s order. The federal police were then called, and they took him to Cologne Central Station. The Afghan only left the train under duress.He behaved extremely violently and unreasonably towards the emergency services. In the police station, the officers found a black “nunchaku” while searching his backpack. He also carried a hidden knife on his wrist. Both weapons were confiscated. Since he had no identity documents, he was arrested. The federal police initiated an investigation for illegal residence, violation of the weapons law and fare evasion. Further investigations will be conducted by the Cologne police.

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