Previously convicted Arabic tutor abuses 11-year-old schoolgirl in Berlin, Germany

A former tutor was sentenced to ten months in prison for the sexual abuse of a then eleven-year-old schoolgirl. The 31-year-old had touched the girl indecently during lessons.

How does a previously convicted university student get a job as a tutor? With a forged certificate of good conduct from the Federal Office of Justice. In December 2019, Issa F. was sentenced to nine months in prison (not yet legally binding). On Tuesday he was again brought before the district court: for sexual abuse of a schoolgirl (11 years old).

In July 2018, he is said to have committed sexual assault on Jessy (*name changed) during math classes at a student support center in the Berlin district of Reinickendorf.

The defendant denies this: “I don’t know why she is claiming such a thing. Trembling, struggling with tears, the girl (now 13 years old) entered the courtroom. And repeated her accusations in camera. Just as she had done before her parents and the police. The accused was then just a substitute teacher. The children did not have any contact with him before.

The mother (35 years old) said: “My daughter was in shock afterwards. I could hardly calm her down.” They immediately went back to class to clear the matter up.

The stepfather (37 years old): “I stormed towards the man. He let himself fall from his chair, pushed me out, locked the door from the inside. I called the police.” And the defendant? Meanwhile, he made off via the window.

The judge believed Jessy. “What motive could she have for lying?” And the classmates? They were too focused on their exercises to notice the mostly hidden physical touches. “And why did she run away if you didn’t do it?”

The verdict: 10 months imprisonment without parole for sexual abuse of a child and a ward. The accused in his last word: “A bad day for me.”

It could be even worse for him: If this sentence, the other one for forgery of documents and a third one for a brawl (in which Issa F. is said to have bitten off a piece of an opponent’s ear) should become final, he could face a total of four years and four months in prison.

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