Portland BLM crowd cheers news of murder of Patriot Prayer counterdemonstrator: ‘I’m not sad that a f**king fascist died tonight!’

By Thomas Lifson

A pro-Trump demonstrator was murdered last night in Portland, as a BLM crowd cheered the news. While we will know a lot more after an official investigation, preliminary video evidence seems to indicate that the member of a group called Patriot Prayer was deliberately murdered, perhaps even hunted down. Listen for yourself to the words shouted just before shots are heard:

More video, from a different angle here, with possibly the same words semi-audible:

Victim being attended (Twitter video screen grab)

Listen to the BLM speaker and crowd celebrate the news:

The left wing propaganda media naturally are obfuscating the crime. The New York Times headlines, “Deadly Shooting in Portland After Pro-Trump Ralliers Clash With Protestersfaintly implying that responsibility lies with the pro-Trump crowd who are the subject of the verb “clash.”

Below the headline, it took the Times 150 words of passive voice prose that failed to differentiate aggressor from victim before admitting that the deceased could have been a Trump supporter.  

A caravan of supporters of President Trump drove through downtown Portland, which has seen nightly protests against police violence and racial injustice. One person was shot and killed in the conflicts that erupted.

A man was shot and killed Saturday as a large group of supporters of President Trump traveled in a caravan through downtown Portland, Ore., which has seen nightly protests for three consecutive months.

The pro-Trump rally drew hundreds of trucks full of supporters into the city. At times, Trump supporters and counterprotesters clashed on the streets, with people shooting paintball guns from the beds of pickup trucks and protesters throwing objects back at them.

A video that purports to be of the shooting, taken from the far side of the street, showed a small group of people in the road outside what appears to be a parking garage. Gunfire erupts, and a man collapses in the street.

Finally, when identifying the victim, the Times takes care to make sure readers know that his group was “far-right” and had been clashing with protestors in the past:

The man who was shot and killed was wearing a hat with the insignia of Patriot Prayer, a far-right group based in Portland that has clashed with protesters in the past.

It reminds me of comments about a rape victim having worn a short skirt.

Faiz Siddiqui of the Washington Post went even farther in blaming the victim: pro-Trump supporters “precipitated the violence” by getting out of vehicles surrounded by BLM protesters

That a murder has finally taken place is no surprise, nor, I fear, will it be unique for long. Left wingers like BLM and Antifa have been escalating their level of violence against Trump supporters. The Washington Free Beacon has compiled a list of 7 examples of violence and intimidation this week, including the failed effort to trap and seal Seattle police officers in a precinct station and burn it. But there are others they missed, including the mob surrounding Sen. Rand Paul and his wife Kelley following the president’s acceptance speech at the White House and the harassment of other guests by members of a mob that was staying at an expensive DC hotel, and this flag burning next to sleeping children that could easily have resulted in a tragic fatal fire.

 David Paulin asks:

Wouldn’t this be justification for Trump to send in the military under the Insurrection Act?  Previous presidents sent in troops when black Americans were being attacked and harassed, and when local Democrat officials refused to do anything about it. How is this different?

It is time to call to account Nancy Pelosi and other Dems for egging on extremists, not just failing to condemn them, which is bad enough.


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