Jews may no longer enter Germany, but Muslim refugees may

Jewish immigration to Germany from the states of the former Soviet Union has been temporarily halted due to the Corona pandemic. The German embassies in Moscow and other capitals of the former USSR states have not been granting entry visas to Jews for some time. This was reported by the Berlin newspaper “Tagesspiegel” on Thursday. The Foreign Office confirmed the restrictive practice.

Recently, the Corona-related restrictions on entry to Germany have been relaxed for certain groups, including students, family members of refugees and so-called ethnic German repatriates with German ancestors. However, an “exception to the acceptance stop” for visa requests could currently “not be granted” to Jewish immigrants, according to the scheduling system of the Foreign Office for the German Embassy in Moscow. Anyone who tries to do so, however, will be temporarily blocked, according to the “Tagesspiegel”.The Chairman of the Central Council of Jews in Germany, Josef Schuster, has already called on the federal government to “examine the facts of the case in order to put an end to this intolerable state of affairs as quickly as possible” and to allow those persons concerned to enter Germany as soon as possible.In a letter, 30 Jews living in Russia and Belarus have now addressed the federal government and criticized the negative practice. They had already been promised by the German government before the Corona crisis that their emigration to the Federal Republic was possible and had therefore already signed off in their old homeland, which was a formal requirement for immigration to Germany.However, this currently makes it impossible for them to find a temporary job. The same applies to apartments and school places, reports the “Tagesspiegel”. The medical care of those people affected is also so severely restricted.

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