Swedish boys tortured, raped and buried alive by immigrants

Two immigrants were arrested for the torture and assault on young boys in Solna, Sweden, recently.

According to information from Nya Tider, the two underage boys are ethnic Swedes. They were taken to the Norra Cemetery in Solna, north of Stockholm. The men, 18 and 21 years old respectively, have a non-Western immigrant background, and are well-known to the police for earlier crimes, the daily Samhällsnytt reported.

It was about 11 pm on Saturday when two boys were kidnapped and taken to the cemetery, where they were forced to undress naked and were subjected to aggravated, protracted, abusive assault, sexual abuse, and aggravated robbery.

The torture and rape lasted for several hours during the night and involved, among other things, the boys being buried alive in a pit. The two victims only escaped because their tormentors were spotted by a witness who called the police.

Two men were arrested shortly after the incident, and detention custody has been requested for kidnapping, aggravated assault, rape, and aggravated robbery. According to the prosecutor, they were stabbed in the legs to prevent them from escaping, undressed and humiliated and raped by the immigrants for hours.

Both suspects have non-Western immigrant backgrounds but are Swedish citizens. They are well-known to police and social services. The 18-year-old was previously prosecuted for theft, while the 21-year-old has been convicted of arson, unlawful driving, drunken driving, several narcotic offenses, and theft, among other things. It is not clear why the 21-year-old has not yet begun to serve his 18-month prison sentence for arson last summer.

The evidence against the two immigrants is extensive: one of them was wearing the victims’ belongings.


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