EU Commission prepares European migration pact

The EU Commission is working on a European migration pact to provide a “comprehensive, sustainable and crisis-proof framework for handling asylum procedures and migration to the EU”. The pact will “cover the entire migration route from the country of origin via the transit states to the country of arrival in the EU”.

Against the background of the 2015/16 migration crisis, the Commission is pushing ahead with reforming the common European asylum system. Despite some progress in the ongoing negotiations between the member states, a sustainable and future-proof European asylum and migration system had not yet been decided. Among other things, the new pact is aimed at coordinating border protection.

Improved cooperation with the countries of origin is planned as well as dealing with migrants who are not entitled to protection.

According to the EU Commission, the new pact is necessary because no state in the Union can cope with illegal migration on its own. Also, no country can cope with secondary migration in Europe on its own.

In Germany, the AfD has rejected the EU’s project. The member of the EU Parliament, Bernhard Zimniok, warned: “The agenda is clear: migration routes should be cleared, smuggling shuttle services should be set up and Europe’s gates should be opened to the whole world. They would like to legalize more illegal migration to Europe. This is how you get rid of Europe!”

From July 30 to August 27, the EU Commission has given citizens the opportunity to comment on the pact on their homepage. Almost all comments have so far denounced the pact.

At the end of 2018, the USA, Hungary, Poland, Israel and the Czech Republic voted against it, fearing, among other things, interference with their sovereignty.

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