Switzerland: Syrian broke into the apartment of a woman unknown to him and raped her

The Zurich High Court sentenced a 34-year-old Syrian today, Tuesday, to eight years in prison and a deportation from the country for a period of 15 years. One morning, the man suddenly stood in the apartment of a woman he did not know and raped her.

The 34-year-old surprisingly made a full confession in the high court, although he had always stressed that the student was an acquaintance of his and was making a big deal out of the matter.

On Tuesday, however, he read a statement in which he asked the raped student for forgiveness. “I am very sorry that I hurt her body and her soul.” He would do anything to make her feel better.

The high court reduced the first-instance sentence by one year. Last year, the Zurich District Court had sentenced him to nine years imprisonment and 15 years expulsion from the country.

On the morning in question, in September 2018, the female student was standing naked in the bathroom of her apartment, brushing her teeth. Suddenly, a complete stranger opened the unlocked door of her apartment and made his way towards her. Without saying much, he tried to kiss her and pressed her onto the bathtub.

At first she was able to break free. But before she could run out of the apartment, he dragged her into the bedroom, where he strangled and raped her.


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