Germany: Monitoring of an Islamist costs taxpayers millions

The inhabitants of a village with 2000 inhabitants in the Bitterfeld district of Saxony-Anhalt are confronted with a strange picture almost daily. When the 19-year-old Syrian Ayman N. wants to shop in the village, four plain-clothes policemen with two vehicles follow him in a few meters distance. He is not allowed to leave his accommodation further than the supermarket anyway. This is also controlled by an electronic anklet on his leg.Since 2017 this happens. According to information from the newspaper Volksstimme, 95,000 man-hours are already spent on guarding. At an hourly fee of 52 euros per official, this amounts to almost five million euros. Vehicle costs or other material resources are not yet included. Currently, four men per shift are to be deployed for surveillance, which means twelve officers per day. Most of them arrive from Magdeburg. Reason for the expense: The young man is classified as an Islamist dangerous man and is waiting for the continuation of his trial before the Berlin Court of Appeal.In August 2017, the Regional Court of Halle had opened the trial for the ” attempt to commit a serious act of violence that endangers the state”. The IS sympathizer, who had come as an unaccompanied minor refugee in the fall of 2015, lived in the Osternienburger Land region until January 2017 and made contact with like-minded people on the Internet. According to the indictment, he had had a construction manual for the manufacture of an AK 47 assault rifle (Kalashnikov) sent to him and is said to have asked in a chat room where to obtain weapons and how to make an explosive belt. The Syrian also claimed to an undercover intelligence officer that he was planning “something major”. There was talk of an attack in Berlin.After the third non-public hearing day in September 2017, the Regional Court declared itself no longer competent and referred the case to the Berlin Court of Appeal. The reason: There were new allegations regarding the membership of a foreign terrorist organization. However, the Berlin Superior Court also temporarily suspended the proceedings after the fourth day of the hearing in December. Court spokeswoman Lisa Jani: “Because follow-up investigations were still necessary.

In addition, the General Public Prosecutor’s Office in Naumburg is now responsible. Its spokesman Klaus Tewes confirms: “When the investigations can be completed is still open. The monitoring is a pure police measure for the prevention of danger.

The Ministry of the Interior does not want to comment on the case. The police unions are angry about the continuous operation. State head of the police union (GdP), Uwe Bachmann, speaks of an “extremely unfortunate matter”. His colleague from the Association of German CID Officers, Peter Meissner: “We can’t watch him forever.

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