Corpses pave their race circuits: The Testeron Migrants in Germany

Once again, there is collateral damage to be lamented because the future rulers of this country are demanding their right to run free:In Dresden on Saturday evening, a 6-year-old boy was killed because two Syrians aged 31 and 23 years with their luxury cars – a BMW and a Mercedes – engaged in an illegal road race. Both cars were “at very high speed”, according to the police.On the Budapester Street in the direction of the downtown area, the horsepower Syrians roared their engines and stepped on the gas – after all, according to the old fathers’ custom among proud Arabs, it is a matter of clarifying who is the more powerful at the wheel.Negligible matters such as traffic regulations, other road users, or the lives of passers-by, especially children, have to take second place to these really important questions. These adult teenagers know that they are allowed to do whatever they want in this country – and they show it.As reported by the tabloid “Bild”, the Mercedes and the BMW chased towards the intersection with the Schweizer Street. Shortly before the junction, first the Mercedes, then the BMW overtook an uninvolved car that was “significantly slower” (meaning: moving at normal speed).In a breakneck maneuver, the Benz switched back into the right lane in a flash, and the BMW caught up with it in the left lane. Both cars were approaching a bus stop where, according to the police, three children were crossing the road from the central green belt.Two of the children made it to the sidewalk, but the six-year-old – also of Syrian nationality, by the way – was hit by the speeding Mercedes shortly before reaching the edge of the road;he was catapulted several meters through the air into the bus stop, smashed through the glass and landed on the hard pavement. With severe internal injuries, the boy was taken by the ambulance to the hospital, where he died a little later.Both driving licenses of the speeders were seized. As police reported yesterday, the Mercedes driver is under investigation “for negligent homicide and dangerous interference with traffic”. In addition, both drivers are under “investigation for a prohibited motor vehicle race”, according to the tabloid “Bild” – a criminal farce in view of the terrible results.However, if the Saxon judiciary should follow the latest jurisdiction, which classifies the killing of bystanders in car races as murder, then at least the 31-year-old speed killer faces a far harsher punishment – as recently in the so-called “Ku’damm verdict” of Berlin.In the then comparable speeding driver case from 2016, in which a 69-year-old man fell victim to a race between two testosterone Orientals, the deja vu description of the offender had read: “male, early 20s, migration background”.Whether it will come to that, is questionable. Presumably, the Greens, the Left Party and the Social Democratic Party (SPD) will lodge a protest in time against the Dresden police or against the racist judiciary – because of too hard measures against the two Syrians.It will certainly turn out to be a clear case of “Racial Profiling”.

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