Father gets his head smashed in for asking Muslim teen to wait his turn

On Thursday August 20, at Pont-de-Roide, on the Doubs river, a father came close to death for having asked two Muslim teens to wait their turn to jump from the diving board, explained regional French daily L’Est Républicain.

At around 4:30 pm, the 38-year-old man lined up with his children when a teenager decided to jump the long queue at the popular diving board – a favorite attraction. The victim had been waiting patiently for his turn to jump into the river when the teenager planted himself brazenly in front of him.

“The father asked him to wait his turn”, said the chief of the Montbéliard gendarmerie. The minor became upset and tried to punch the father before he left to round up his friends. One of them returned equipped with a heavy-duty construction hammer and hit the father on the head with a blow of extreme violence.

Still conscious but seriously injured, the victim was hospitalized.

Law enforcement of Pont-de-Roide arrested two young residents of Valentigney. One of the minors, aged 16, is suspected of the first violence. The second, 17, is said to be the hammer attacker.

The two Muslim teens had already stood out earlier in the day during a Covid-19 check on the bus to the diving spot, in which they were fined for non-compliance with wearing a mask.

Both have denied the facts. They were released after their custody and have not yet been charged. There are still investigations to be carried out and witnesses to be heard as well as the victim, the police said.

“The hammer was discovered by lifeguards on the scene this Friday morning,” said the chief officer.


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