Faced with ‘North African’ delinquency Swiss inhabitants warn they may act

The inhabitants of Neuchâtel are fed up. As the Rts.ch site reported, petty crime incidents are particularly worrying in the Swiss city. Posters have been put up to make the authorities aware of the problem. And the inhabitants have warned that they would enforce justice by their own means if law enforcers fail to do so.

“We are proud, organised and angry. We have the capacity to be dangerous for those who disturb social peace to such an extent,” the posters read. According to the details in the Swiss media, the Neuchâtel police have already intercepted around twenty people over the last two weekends.

Residents have indeed taken action by beating delinquents who sow panic. But for Georges-André Lozouet, communication officer for the Neuchâtel police, the attitude of the inhabitants is unacceptable. “No one can take the place of the police. We are in a democracy and the system put in place is bearing fruit,” he explained.

The police have carried out 500 interventions and 184 arrests in July. These delinquents are young North Africans “wandering around” and are often asylum seekers. “These are young men domiciled in the region, known to our services,” said Lozouet.


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