The shooter of Bas van Wijk was known to Dutch police

Bas van Wijk. Twitter

Well-informed sources told Dutch daily De Telegraaf that the man suspected of the murder of Bas van Wijk in Amsterdam is known to the police. It is a Dutch citizen with Moroccan roots, reported the daily. And the lawyer who assists another suspect is unhappy with the Public Prosecution Service (OM), which, according to him, released this information.

The OM announced this week that a firearm and a watch had been found on the suspect and will be included in the investigation.

Four immigrant youths, aged between 18 and 20 were arrested. The most pressing question is of course: will the main offender be tried under juvenile criminal law or not? Should this happen, then the penalty is a maximum of two years prison.

Forensic tests will be conducted to determine whether the weapon found was the firearm used in the murder. The suspect who gave the police the clues is the one who made a confessional statement last week. Police are conducting extensive investigations into the case, on the death of Bas van Wijk and has called on witnesses to share photos and camera images, police said in a press release.

On Monday, August 24, the four suspects will appear in the Amsterdam court.

The man suspected of shooting Bas van Wijk (24) was known to the police, “not for serious but for persistent crime”.

Lawyer Van Vliet, lawyer for one of the three immigrant suspects, has criticised the Public Prosecution Service. “The Public Prosecution Service should never have released the information about the weapon and watch found,” he complained.

“I understand that this matter is very sensitive. It is also terrible how Bas van Wijk was shot,” continued the Amsterdam criminal lawyer. The lawyer said he heard information about the case not through the Public Prosecution Service but through the media. And that’s not how it should be.

“To top it all off, when we arrived at the arraignment last Friday, there were no statements from co-suspects in the file. While we as lawyers knew from the media that there were. I was therefore not allowed to share that information with my client. That is an unworkable situation.”

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