Germany: Two years after the rape, police arrest a Syrian

Last Tuesday, police officers arrested a 19-year-old man suspected of raping a then 17-year-old girl in July 2018.The girl encountered the suspect, whom she fugitively knew, at the train station in Bad Cannstatt in July 2018. According to the police, the then also 17-year-old apparently lured the girl into a hotel room and raped her there despite strong resistance.

Subsequently, the suspect is said to have intimidated the teenager under massive threats. For this reason, she did not report to the police until two years after the crime.

Detectives were able to identify the suspect and arrest him in Reutlingen County on Tuesday after an intensive search. The Syrian suspect was brought before a judge on Wednesday ( August 19) who issued an arrest warrant and brought it to trial.ächtigen_arid-226121

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