Germany: Alleged Moroccan victim of police violence in a Snapchat video alive and kicking (VIDEO)

Ali M. (name changed) seems anything but intimidated after his controversial arrest by the Düsseldorf police. In a short clip via Snapchat, the 15-year-old teenager strolls through a park, thanking all his friends on the net for their wishes for recovery. “I kiss all your hearts”, the dark-haired curly-haired man, the baseball cap casually placed on the back of his head, says. At the same time Ali M. announced another statement about the things that had happened. The German-Moroccan ended the 13-second sequence with a grinning laugh.There is no evidence of the injuries that Ali M. allegedly suffered during an arrest action by police officers on Saturday evening in Düsseldorf’s Old Town. At least he has no visible damage to his head.Local Green politician Samy Charchira had reported after a visit to the family that the pupil had suffered a first-degree craniocerebral trauma as a result of the intervention of officials near the McDonald’s branch at Bolker Stern. The boy had spent a day in hospital for observation. “He suffered multiple contusions to the face, skull, pelvis, thoracic and cervical spine. His mental health, but also that of his parents, is precarious,” said the candidate for the upcoming local elections in Düsseldorf. The video of the “victim”, on the other hand, shows a young man who apparently seems to be barely impaired. FOCUS Online asked the Green politician about the background, but got no answer.The case caused a stir after short clips on the net showed an apparently brutal approach by a police officer to the arrest of the 15-year-old teenager.Ali M. is said to have interfered in a police operation in the old town and to have beaten the officers. He called them “sons of bitches” and is said to have made it clear that he “always hated this police uniform”.Two police officers brought the rioter, who was well known to the police, to the ground after a long struggle. One of them pushed him down with his knee. At this time it is not clear whether the leg was on the head or on the neck. In the latter case, such an action constitutes criminal police violence. Since then, the public prosecutor’s office has been investigating four officers.North Rhine Westphalia Interior Minister Herbert Reul ( Christian Democratic Union, CDU) promised a comprehensive clarification in view of the video fragments circulating on the Internet about the incident. Investigators are currently evaluating the surveillance cameras at the scene of the crime.Afterwards, they are having the scenes evaluated by police trainers in order to separate right from wrong police acting. In the end, the public prosecutor’s office must decide on a charge.Investigations are currently underway, in particular against a 29-year-old police officer. He has taken a few days off in order to work through the accusations, his lawyer Christoph Arnold reports. “What particularly irritates him is the fact that he is lumped together with the violent death of the US-African-American George Floyd caused by policemen in Minneapolis. According to his information, a blood-stained mouthguard was also found on the young man. These utensils are used not only by boxers but also by football hooligans when they get into a brawl with rival groups to protect their teeth. Investigators refused to confirm or deny this when asked.In addition to the proceedings against the police officers, the prosecutors are also investigating 15-year-old Ali M. for resisting law enforcement officers. This is not the first criminal case that is brought against him. More cases can be found in his criminal file. According to Christian Democrat Gregor Golland, the CDU interior affairs politician, “the alleged victim is a violent youth who has deliberately attacked police officers. The hunt and the incitement by Social Democrats and Greens against police officers who are risking their lives every day is unbearable.Apart from that, the police may expect new trouble in the case over the weekend. Supporters of the young man have called for a protest march through downtown Düsseldorf.

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