Turkish-born denier of the Armenian genocide again candidate for Merkel’s CDU party

While the Christian Democratic Union Party (CDU) everywhere is anxious not to accept anyone for a political mandate who even knows anyone who owns a German shepherd dog or regularly eats gypsy schnitzel, the party in Gelsenkirchen is once again setting up Ilhan Bükrücü, a friend of the Turkish dictator Recep Tayyip Erdogan and denier of the Armenian genocide, who has been on the city council since the last local elections.And this despite the fact that she has not only recently been warned about this man.That’s why the uproar in that group of the Turkish community in Germany, which, unlike Merkel and her entourage, does not kowtow to Erdogan,is very widespread:

Admittedly, the CDU in Gelsenkirchen (and probably elsewhere) is not concerned about this. The Ruhr area is diverse, so diverse candidates are needed. In addition, several districts of Gelsenkirchen, Duisburg and other Ruhr cities are already dominated by Turkish, Lebanese and other Arab clans. If you want to be successful, you need candidates who have the trust of these target groups. And who could have this trust more than people like Ilhan Bükrücü.Up to now, from the point of view of some Christians it has been said: For me, apart from the Greens and other left-wingers, the CDU is no longer eligible for election because of its increasingly liberal or even anti-Christian attitude, e.g. regarding abortion, euthanasia, Islamophilia or “marriage for everyone” and the new family image closely linked to the latter. Now the Green politician Cem Özdemir uses – in this case admittedly justifiably and nevertheless more than surprisingly – the Bükrücü case as an argument why a Christian at least in Gelsenkirchen could no longer vote for the CDU.For various reasons, people in Germany do not dare to criminalize the denial of the Armenian genocide. On the one hand, many people fear irrationally that this would endanger the “uniqueness of the Holocaust” and that the murder of millions of Jews would only be seen as one of many great crimes against humanity. On the other hand, such a law would lead to more than just diplomatic problems with Turkey.One needs Erdogan as a barrier against refugees and, in addition, one fears unrest in the Turkish community in Germany if such laws were enforced.Probably also for this reason the CDU in Gelsenkirchen has no problem with the fact that one of its council members denies murders and expulsion of Christians. It is not punishable and therefore poses zero trouble. – While Angela Merkel visited the Genocide Memorial in Yerevan a little more than two years ago, Bücrücü shared a petition on Facebook “Immediately undo genocide accusations against Turkey” and made sure that numerous Facebook accounts of Turks in Germany were covered by Erdogan’s hate speeches on this topic.


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