Germany: “I’m stabbing everybody here!” Arab clan member (19 years old) commits 72 crimes

When we talk about criminal Arab clans, we usually mean members of extended families with Turkish-Arab roots. In Germany, the Federal Criminal Police Office (BKA) estimates that about 200,000 people belong to such extended families.

“As if I was afraid of you. I’m stabbing everybody here. I’m going to kill you”, the youngster shouted at his class teacher.

Thus begins the story of a serial offender from the background of the criminal clans, who at the age of 19 has a criminal record with entries for 72 crimes. Last year alone, 24 crimes were committed by the German-Lebanese.

The young man, who lives in the Ruhr area, is known to the police for the first time at the age of eleven. Together with friends of the same age from the milieu of criminal clans, he commits a dangerous bodily injury.

Before he is even of penal age at 14, his police file already contains entries on shoplifting, a robbery, a break-in at a school, threats to his classmates with a knife and assault on his female teacher.

When he’s not playing hooky from school, he always gets negative attention there too. He spits at a gym teacher. A test procedure to transfer him to a special school because of his violent behaviour remains unsuccessful.

The clan-typical claim to power also developed early on. During an assault, the boy makes it clear that he and his friends control the area and “have the say” at the underground station there.When he reaches the age of criminal responsibility, his crimes become more serious. Several dangerous assaults, gang thefts and a predatory extortion are on the record. In the end there are 14 crimes for the then 14-year-old in one year. For the first time he is also sentenced to a prison term.

But the sentence does not seem to have made a lasting impression on him. This is followed by drug offences, dangerous bodily injury or aggravated robbery. The police also record offences committed together with a family member.

It is striking that several members of his family have also committed criminal offences. Three of his six siblings have already been charged with property offences, brutalities and narcotics offences.The older brother was given a prison sentence in 2017.His father, who was born in Beirut and has Lebanese nationality, has attracted attention for, among other things, a dangerous bodily injury. His mother, of unknown nationality, has also been banned from school following an argument with a teacher.Driving several times without a driver’s license and under the influence of drugs or forged documents with a forged driver’s license are seamlessly added to the list of crimes committed by the now 19-year-old.

This way he tries to conceal his identity during traffic checks. Once he is stopped, family members try to stop the police from taking action. This leads to tumultuous events. Only with the help of support can the police clarify the situation.

Five times the young man is sentenced for commercial illegal trafficking in narcotics in seven cases and for jointly committed robbery. He is currently serving a prison sentence of two years and five months for deliberately driving without a licence in five cases and for forging documents in two cases.”This is certainly a very concise example,” explains Thomas Jungbluth of the Regional Criminal Court (LKA) of North Rhine-Westphalia. On Monday, the Executive Director presented the situation picture on the criminal clans in North Rhine-Westphalia. In it the example of this serial offender. It is striking that 27 percent of the crimes are committed by serial offender suspects.LKA investigator Jungbluth has the maxim: “No prevention without repression”. Because deportations like in the case of the Miri clan are difficult in most cases. “Deportation is a special challenge, it is especially difficult to deport to Syria and Lebanon. Especially since many were born and grew up here”, says the LKA-man.

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