Germany: Riots at Hanover central station because Turkish and Iranian gang members tried to free an arrested criminal (VIDEO)

This video of a police operation in the central station of Hanover causes a lot of discussion on the net!

Following the arrest of a suspected Turkish-born purse-snatcher (31 years old) from Gifhorn on Sunday evening, there were tumultuous clashes with bystanders who were watching the scene.

According to the police, three youths (15,16,19 years old) disrupted the arrest and ignored pronounced restraining orders. Officials tried to arrest the rabble-rousing trio as well. But the three resisted violently. The 16-year-old and the 19-year-old managed to free their younger buddy from the grip of a policeman – the 15-year-old ran away.

According to the BILD newspaper, the two-minute lasting video apparently started exactly at the moment when the three young men started to fight with the policemen.

When an officer pushed away a young woman who was interfering, bystanders reacted with indignation. They discussed agitatedly with the security forces from the police, federal police and security.

The rioting attracted so many onlookers that the police had to issue about 200 sending-off orders!The 16-year-old Iranian and the 19-year-old Turkish man are under investigation for, among other things, resisting law enforcement officers, assault, insulting and releasing prisoners. The 16-year-old is also under investigation for violation of the weapons law. Officials had found a nightstick and a switchblade on him.

The fugitive 15-year-old apparently committed further crimes after his escape. Shortly after the incident at the central station, he is said to have spat at a passenger (68 years old) in a bus because the passenger had asked him about his missing face mask.

On Monday morning, the young German-Turkish man is said to have threatened someone with a knife in the Linden-Nord district with an accomplice (18 years old). This time, too, he offered considerable resistance to his arrest, insulted the officers.

Because of his highly violent behaviour, a possible influence of drugs on the adolescent was suspected, among other things, so he was examined by a doctor and a blood sample was taken. The results are still pending.

At present, the police are also evaluating the mobile phone video of the passer-by on the incident. Did the officers react appropriately to the arrest disturbers? Police spokesman Martin Richter: “An evaluation of the operation is currently taking place. For this reason, no detailed statement on this operation can be made at this time. According to the current status, no one has filed charges against the police officers involved.

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