Switzerland: Muslim from Bern allegedly radicalized children with videos of killings in Koran classes

The accusations of the Federal Prosecutor’s Office are serious: A. I.* (38) is said to have deliberately indoctrinated children with terrorist propaganda. According to the investigators, the Somali from Berne showed them Islamist videos of violence during Koran classes in order to “radicalize them ideologically”. This is according to the indictment, which is published by the newspaper SonntagsBlick.

The Federal Prosecutor’s Office is now demanding a six-month prison sentence for I. Because the Somali has not accepted the sentence, he will have to appear before the Federal Criminal Court in Bellinzona a week from Tuesday.

According to the prosecution, the Islamist’s victims include two Somali children from Bern. I. “taught” them from the beginning of 2015 until the end of 2016, which he admits.According to him, however, he had only taught them the Koran and the Arabic scriptures.The Office of the Attorney General of Switzerland sees things differently. On the computer in the children’s house, investigators found jihad videos that I. had personally transferred from his hard drive. In one of the films, a leader of the Somali terrorist militia al-Shaabab calls for infidels to be killed “as cruelly as possible”. The flag of the Islamic State (IS) is waving in the background.During a house search of the accused in December 2016, the police confiscated data carriers with 12,000 Islamist propaganda videos. Many of them contained scenes of execution and torture. I. had meticulously labeled and arranged them.

What’s more, forensic experts were able to prove that the Somali had connected his hard drives to dozens of other computers. and that he used text messages to schedule classes for children.

When questioned, the Somali, who according to the Federal Prosecutor’s Office acted from “deep religious conviction”, said that most of the accusations against him were lies. Those who accused him were probably envious of his “elevated standard of living” with cars, beautiful watches and clothes.

He was not aware, however, that the violent videos on his hard drives were prohibited. He had downloaded them from the Internet because he wanted to “inform himself” about “what is happening in the world”.

The Federal Prosecutor’s Office believes I.’s assertions to be unbelievable. They accuse him of propaganda for the Islamic State and related groups, of possessing depictions of violence and of supporting a criminal organization.

According to the indictment, a suspended sentence is out of the question. It was not to be assumed that it would prevent the accused from committing further crimes

*Name known to the editors


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