Seattle: BLM demands that whites hand over their properties

Racial tensions have not subsided in the US. According to information reported by several American media outlets, including the New York Post and the Washington Times, demonstrators of the Black Lives Matter movement protested in a residential area of ​​the city of Seattle, in the northwest of the United States, on Wednesday 14 August.

In supporting videos, we see the activists demanding that the residents of the neighborhood hand over their homes. Demonstrators even accused shop owners of “being racist” for the simple fact of owning a business in a white area.

“Is your name Tucker or John, whichever one it is, give up your house!” a BLM protester screams at a white person. “Give black people back their homes!”

Demonstrators also demanded that residents “open their purses,” reported the New York Post. “All ya’ll white motherfuckers get the fuck out … it’s called reparations baby … we coming for you!” a protester shouted.

Demonstrators were subsequently arrested for acts of vandalism and insults against a person holding public authority according to the Post.

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